About Matt

Matt Gemmell author photo
The author, on a good day.

Matt Gemmell1 is a writer of thriller, horror, and suspense novels. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Lauren, their son Calum, and the world’s most handsome labradoodle, Whisky. You can find out about his books here.

He developed a fascination with fiction as a young boy, and first wrote stories of his own in his early teens. Writing fell by the wayside for a while, as Matt got a degree in Computing Science then had a successful career as a software engineer, including design and user experience consultancy for companies like Apple. He also released apps of his own, and contributed significantly to the open source community.

Whisky the labradoodle
Whisky, without an 'e'.

In 2014, Matt decided to make some changes pursue novel-writing in earnest. The KESTREL techno-thrillers series was born, with many other stories besides, and the journey continues.

Matt is also the author of the Once Upon A Time collections of ultra-short tales, including ebooks and paperback anthologies, and a continuing series of standalone stories which you can receive free via email every week. He even has a podcast about writing.

Matt’s contact information can be found here, and you can also read his blog. This is what he’s doing right now.

  1. Gemmell is pronounced “Geh-mul”, with a hard G like “golf”, not like “gemstone”. Emphasis is on the first syllable.